Monkey Pod, also known as Parota or Acacia, is an exotic hardwood with explosive popularity. One of the largest and oldest of these trees is a national treasure in Venezuela. A Monkey Pod tree can grow to a large size, reaching heights of 50 to 80 feet, with a broad canopy resembling an umbrella. Monkey Pod is a forgiving wood that many woodworkers use to craft amazing pieces of furniture. It has a mix of straight and swirly grain, giving an interesting appearance when finished. The grain is open, and might require filling prior to finishing. The wood is perfect for table slabs, veneer, plywood, millwork, trim, carving, cabinetry, furniture, musical instruments (guitars and ukuleles), and other small specialty wood items.

In Vietnam at the latest years, Monkeypod rustic table are being used at many hi-end restaurants, café or hotels. With a large amount of tropical forest, legal loggings are processed every month. Even some raw wood are also brought from Cambodian forest. Although , Monkey pod rustic slab or tables are high price at Europe , America, Japan… they are 1/10 price at ASEAN as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia…

Let have a look at some crazy beauty of this kind of wood