Besides tourist service, We also supply business support tour. Vietnam is one of the fast-growth economic countries in the world at the present. We think that all of you will get the best chances for starting-up for sure.

1> Securities Investment,Bank saving account


Bank saving account:With 8% per year interest rate of all the most bank in Vietnam, It is easily for you to get the profit. We will help you get the 3 months-visa (needed to be open account) and opening bank saving account at ones of the biggest banks as Vietcombank, HD bank. At the end, you will get the app for smartphone or internet banking for your laptop and easily to manage your saving account everywhere, everytime.


Securities Investment: In case, you want to invest into Vietnamese stock market, We will support you to open CCA (capital contribution account) at Vietnamese Central Bank and get the trading code from Securities Depository. When you get the trading code, We will help you open the securities trading account. When your CCA account links to your securities trading account, you can start your investment. The proceed takes about 1 month.


2> Startup Business

If you want to start up your business as oppening cafe shop, restaurant…something, we will support you to research the market, find the location and do some legal documents.


Have you ever dreamt to open your own cafe or restaurant in Vietnam?