We come back to Dalat again and register 2-hour visit tour at one of best Specialty Coffee Farm in Vietnam at this moment- SON PACAMARA farm. We rent 2 stroke-bikes and go to the farm with guidance of Google map. The leading way is really difficult, and getting narrow so some of our members have to walk.

We met Mr Son, owner of this coffee farm. Before our visit, he had a talk with 2 Singapore visitors whom We met on their way out from farm. He can speak 3 languages and have knowledge in coffee plantation, coffee processing…

Mr Son explain about full-wash processing at his farm

He welcomed us with a pot of Heirloom coffee, pour over with V60 barista tools, and start talking by asking us what we want to know, purpose of this visiting… He teach us so many things about coffee which we cant not learn from book or internet. Sometimes, He give us some advise for handle trouble in life, not only about coffee, but also about life things…

This time is not ripe season so We can not see how to harvest and process . He take us to the farm, show us how different between Typica and Bourbon, Mundo and Pacamara… There are some another kinds of fruit in farm as jack fruit or kaki (Japanese name). He took and give us some, told us these fruits will fall off and be fertilizer for coffee tree. that s way he do organic coffee.

beside his brand name coffee- PACAMARA coffee tree

After visiting farm, He made Cascara tea which was made by Pacamara coffee bean’ skin and made by him. It was really good taste. That’s also my first time. We still have something to ask but He was busy for another talk in TV show so maybe We will comeback another time. Thanks for your kindness. We just want to say that We can find specialty coffee in some farms but We only can find kindness coffee in your farm .