What is Scandinavian style?

Scandinavian interior design style can be applied to any space in your house and consists of pure daylight, light color shades, and plenty of space. This means, don’t go too crazy with the decoration, let your place do the most of the talking.

Key elements

One of the most common elements of Scandinavian interior design is wooden floors. You don’t totally need it, however wooden floors will certainly facilitate bring your minimal interior decoration along. If your wooden floors are a light color, it’s a big advantage.

White, grey, black, and taupe colors are typically a staple of this design vogue, however if you’re into pops of color, you may add some with pillows, throws, or area rugs.

When talking about furnishings, try keeping your things minimal, in the color shades mentioned above, however think about incorporating simple vintage components.

And don’t be scared of incorporating plants anywhere you will want to!

Let’s see some Scandinavian interior design inspiration so you can decide if this is your new favorite home decor style!