Last year, I traveled to Laos on my birthday. Just 1 week, from Pakse to Luang Prabang. I got on the bus from Saigon at about 3:30 early morning. It took about 13 hours, crossed over Cambodia but I slept most of the times. Pakse and Vientian were good but Luangprabang was best. I stayed there 2 days with a Japanese friend. and with me, Luangprabang is my Utopia-same name as a famous cafe in Luangprabang. If one day, you come here, promise me that DO NOT miss these places

  1. Mount Phousi: Call like Fuji of Japan. The best view to enjoy sunset. Phousi means ‘sacred mountain’ and it’s located quite literally in the middle of Luang Prabang. Climb the more than 300 steps to the summit where you’ll find a temple, Buddha’s giant footprint and golden stupa. There are two sets of stairs, one across from the Royal Palace Museum and one on the road that runs along the Nam Khan. Visit Mount Phousi at dawn to avoid the crowds or at dusk if you’re willing to battle the crowds for the golden hour panoramic view.
  2. Utopia Cafe: I rent a bike and it was exactly the best way to go to this cafe, because the entrance road is very very small and long. too big for a taxi and too long for a walk. Very cozy drinking garden. We did not order coffee but two pint of draft beer, just because 50% discount on happy hour. Let ‘s come and you will know why they named it as Utopia.
  3. Manda de Laos: It was a a little funny when 2 guys had dinner at a romantic resataurant as Manda de laos. But the foods were excellent.Manda de laos features Laotian family cuisine specialities from all regions of Laos. Dine under the stars surrounded by a UNESCO classified lily pond, immerse in a tropical ambiance. During the sunset time, enjoy signature cocktail while watching the magical changing colors in Luang prabang sky
  4. Visiting tour: We booked the fullday tour at the small hotel where we stayed.about 130 USD, you will riding elephant about 1 hours, do the mekong river cruise and discover Pak Ou caves in the morning, and enjoy hot girls in bikini at Kuangsi water fall in the afternoon. Lunch included. It was more interesting then We expected.
  5. Night market, massage and Saffron cafe: The night market is very long and you can buy anything with cheap price.Massage was cheap too. About 8-10 $ for 60 mins-Laos traditional massage. The last place We came before go to airport was Saffron coffee. A small coffee shop but really nice. and coffee was very so good.

Life is a journey. Let’s go and discover the world by your way. Thanks Tateda san for discovering Luang prabang with me. Hope that We will discover somewhere someday.