If you are like me, a freelancer like the simple thing, Scandinavian style, I’m sure that these cafes are waiting for you

1> L’Usine cafe

“We were overwhelmed by a Saigon story, and we want to bring our vision of that to the world. From the start we wanted to build a brand and a lifestyle that cherishes authenticity, champions quality and celebrates heritage in everything we do.”-L’usine

2> The Maker Concept Cafe

located on4th floor of an old apartment which remains from French colony. Sometimes I seat at the small balcony, drink coffee and look back to Nguyen Hue street. Time seems stop after the door, make you relax and forget all troubles of life. do not use elevator unless you want to pay 3000 vndong.

3> Phin&Bean Roastery

I like stay here with my laptop, enjoy cafe and do some laptopwork.

4> Tiệm Cafe mùa hè-Summer cafe 夏カフェ

Very very small shop, it;s like a take away cafe shop, but I really like. Let’s drop someday, I’m sure you will like cafe taste here. “Live you, stay authentic” 自分らしくあれ、試実であれ