If you are living in Saigon, and love Saigon as Saigonese, let ‘s make a beautiful Sunday be unforgettable, discover-able day. I loved Saigon at the first sight with noisy sound of Vintage Vespa bike, and from that, I discovered an antique market is hold in a hidden cafe shop every Sunday. It open from 7 am to noon, sometimes last to 3pm, but I suggest that you should come at about 8 am, enjoy coffee here and take a walk among the shop, and see the things which you can not find at another market but here.

With mixed-culture, antique things also are various . You can find the 60s’ vespa, lambretta bike from Italia or some ceramic pots, cup from Chinese Dynasty Times, or some Japanese clock. Of course there are something new but were designed to be antique. and sometime there are some fake things, most of them are watchs.

You can buy or just see, take photos and talk to seller. they all welcome you. the prices are not shown and you have to ask when you want to buy, and you can discuss for a cheaper price.

After visiting market, you can move to Binh Duong, it takes about 1 hour ( 30km) and visit ceramic village with hundred ceramic factory. You see and talk to the people here, they will tell you how to make a perfect product. at the end, you will make a cup or something your self

Not many foreigner tourist come to visit above places so I think it will be memorable trip to you. let’s try 1 time, to make your Sunday be a different day