” Some people die at the age 25, and aren’t buried until 75″-Benjamin Franklin

Once When I got stuck in job,too many problems can not be solved, so I decided to come back home by a vintage bike . However I known that it would take more time and higher cost, I still choose that way. Another guy in me just want to start the journey without any plan. Then I was 25.

My home is in Thai binh, about nearly 2000 km from Saigon. I started from Saigon in the early morning, and 1 week later, I had breakfast at home . Before the trip, I think it would help me discover Vietnamese landscape all the time but actually it helped me discover myself. I got problems about 3 times on the way, all were about the tyre. With someone, maybe it ‘s simple thing, but to me, it had been a part of my life.

After this trip, I quit job stock broker and changed into travel tourism job, then be a free lancer guide as now. I think something in me changed since then. If one day you want do something like that, I will hardly recommend do right now just because ‘ Life is a journey” as someone said.